Dragontree is a photographic and framing studio in the heart of the Johannesburg art district

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what we do

SHOOT | corporate image content

It is beneficial for a company to have quality photographs for a variety purposes. These may include websites, social media platforms, reports or brochures. We can visually document your company: whether it’s staff photographs, product shots in a studio, or out in the field.

Our photographic skills capture the soul of your business providing you with an image library for your website, brochures, presentations, office decoration, and branding material.

SHOOT | publicity & editorial

With many years of photojournalism behind us, we have a strong relationship with media publications. We also have a keen understanding of their image content requirements and standards. When required, we syndicate our work. In addition, we personally follow up with our contacts to maximise image publication. When working with TV productions, we provide the perfect moments both during and behind the scenes. Lastly, we’ve travelled to all corners of the earth to document adventure, lodges and social upheaval alike. So, we are comfortable shooting under any conditions.

SHOOT | documenting artists' work

Dragontree specialises in high-end reproductions of artists’ work for a variety of needs, such as catalogues and exhibition invitations. We have years of experience in this field and work with South Africa’s foremost artists. We therefore have great insights in colour representation, perspective control and handling of the art.

SHOOT | in the studio

Our mobile studio lights allow for flexibility and convenience. We thus work both in our own studio space and, if needed, can set up a studio in other locations of your choice. Here, we shoot creative products, portraits and interiors.

We do portraits, product photography and still life for advertising and editorial illustration.

SHOOT | architectural, interiors & food

We have experience in producing top-end building exterior, landscape and interior decor photographs for both architects and interior designers. Further, our understanding of the technicalities behind shooting high-quality product photographs has made us experts in this field. Our expertise now extends to food as well.

FRAME | our love

We have a passion for framing. Every image, whether it’s fine art, photographs or documents such as maps, is treated with the utmost respect. We spend time and effort on each item, using the best materials to create elegant frames to complement (and not overpower) the work itself. We sell the standard black or white frames. However, we also have bespoke, handmade hardwood frames that have unique features such as spines and box joins. Whichever frame you choose, you will always get the benefit of our expert craftsmanship. We frame for a variety of galleries, artists and individuals and pride ourselves on our one-on-one customer service. Every time we stamp the back of a framed work, we hope to enter into a long-term relationship with the client.

PRINT | gallery

Dragontree’s stylish studio is situated in the heart of one of Joburg’s art communities. We have photographs and art on sale and on the first Thursday of each month we plan special events. Please feel free to drop by for a visit at any time. Alternatively, fire off a quick email.


Our framing studio is about simplicity, elegance and design. This applies to simple documents as much as it does to custom framing for artists with unusual requirements. All our frames are wood and our materials are acid free. We are constantly exploring new ideas and trying out different materials. So please do chat to us and get a quote.

african walnut

This is our signature frame. We source and manufacture this beautiful wood, that with its subtle tone complements most work. Wood is organic and every batch is therefore unique, but the craftsmanship is always exceptional. Apart from its beauty, African walnut wood offers great integrity in its strength. Generally, customers prefer the raw wood look, but staining options are available.

stained wood

This is a soft, lighter wood that when stained presents different looks, yet maintains the underlying wood grain. Alternatively, a harder Beech wood (often used in museum framing) offers a distinctive grain and light wood character.


These are standard, exhibition-style frames in solid black or white. We build these in a variety of dimensions depending on the artwork’s size. An alternative to black wood is a thin, neat aluminum frame.


dragontree studio

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